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About C.V. London Window Cleaners

C.V. window cleaners in and around London

C.V. Window Cleaning Services has been trading throughout the greater London and south east regions since 1990 and have become one of the capitals, most trusted and respected window cleaning contractors. Our contracts range from an ecletic mix of residential buildings, estates and houses to a more coroporate and commerial based portfolio of high rise offices, education institutions and industrial establishments.

We cover the whole of North, South, East , West and central London with several depots and branches in and around the capital. With such a large and diverse coverage area, we are garanteed to be able to provide a cost effective cleaning solution to any window cleaning task.

As Londons skyline has become ever more diverse and varied, so as the need for the access solutions needed to clean and service its windows. C.V. have been at the forefront of the high level and high access services and have adapted many methods to suit our ever demanding client base. We routinely use the Reach and Wash system (click here for more info) which is a water-fed pole cleaning system, designed to access and reach windows in excess of 70 feet from ground floor level.

The use of the Reach and Wash system, along with other well known names such as Omnipole, Brodex, Facelift poles and Tucker Pole cleaning systems has enabled us to be more flexible in our approch to tackling more demanding buildings in Central and Greater London at a cost effective level. It eliminates the need and use of other access methods such as cherry pickers, cradles and abseil rope decent, which makes a cost saving that is passed directly to our customer.

C.V. window cleaners also use hydraulic platforms which are more commonly known as Cherry Pickers. We use cherry pickers to access and clean high level windows to Londons tallest buildings up to a maximum height of 110 feet, which is around 10-11 floors. All our staff have HGV (class 3) licences and are IPAF trained and licenced. They also know how to clean a window too!

C.V. also employ a dedicated team of IRATA level 1, 2 and 3 abseilers who play an important role in allowing us to undertake the specialist task of abseiling the talliest buildings and sky scrappers in the docklands and city of London. All our staff are highly trained and have combined experience of over 75 years in the rope decent business. They are all trained for the use Cradles, should this be the safer option.

C.V. window cleaning services are committed to Health and Safety and routinly work alongside londons boroughs and major developers to provide advice and cleaning stratergies for new projects, buildings and developments. Because of this, we are are at the forefront of the latest regulations and proceedures, ensuring our clients and staff that we are always safe. Many of Londons buidlngs have actually been designed around our safe use of work and we play an important role in the desinging phase.

C.V Window cleaners are Safecontractor approved where we undergo an annual audit on our working practices, policies and safety training. Safecontractor is a government approved scheme that has been designed to ensure pottential clients, members of the public and our staff that we are adequately qualified to udertake the specialist window cleaning task ahead of us.

C.V. are proud to have a dedicated team of operation supervisors, back room staff and comitted management to ensure that our buiseness continues grow in the most demanding and ever growing capital city of the world, London. We guarantee to please and to find a cost effective solution to any window cleaning task..

Reach and Wash extendable to 70 feet